Course description:

GIS is an advanced course in spatial data analysis and computer mapping which is targeted to M.A. students in Geography, but also benefit a broad field of others disciplines in Social and Natural Sciences.

The mid-1980s has seen massive growth in the field of the GIS – computer based systems for the handling of geographically referenced information. Geographic Information systems have been confined mostly to large government agencies until recently. Now they are also widely used by small businesses and non-profit organizations in a broad spectrum of applications: from neighborhood development, urban /regional planning and environmental management to homeland security and sustainability issues. GIS mapping and data analysis cut across many disciplines, provides a common language for discussions, and acts as a common denominator to bring people together in the decision making process.

MAP IT OUT! Visualization is a great tool to analyze large data bases.

During this semester students will work in a GIS computer lab, learning GIS concepts and technology and applying them to a real life situation while conducting projects on local materials. This class has a field component, where students would use GPS device to integrate field data with existing data base. The main emphasis in evaluating students’ progress will be made on their ability to apply the concepts and tools, learned in class, in real life problem-solving environment.

აღნიშნული კურსის მიზანია საზოგადოებრივ გეოგრაფიაზე ორიენტირებული ინგლისური ენის შესწავლა.სასწავლო კურსის წარმატებით დასრულების შემთხვევაში სტუდენტი აიმაღლებს ინგლისური ენის ცოდნის დონეს საზოგადოებრივი გეოგრაფიის სტრუქტურის, ძირითადი კონცეფციებისა და პროფესიული ტერმინების შესწავლით.